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Review from Metal Temple

Pump5 -Full Service

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 17 May 2019, 7:12 AM

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In general, the simplest form of music can be absorbed by the broader public. But there are times when melodies are charming and the technical level is not as high as many could think, but the basic factor of Rock ‘n’ Roll is presented in high levels: the rebellion. And this is the case of PUMP5, because “Full Service” is accessible, but their raw energy will torment your neighbors. Their work isn’t something really new, for it’s a form of Rock ‘n’ Roll played with the simplest instrumental technique possible, bearing Punk Rock insight energy, but built with a charming and seductive accessible energy that can remember those nasty Pop Rock bands from the 70’s. Yes, they’re pretty good and their music is really addictive due their practical melodic insight.

The sound production of “Full Service” is the due: simple, bearing a very good dose of aggressiveness that doesn’t harm their raw feeling. But the sonority is clean as well, and will not take too much of the listeners’ comprehension to be fully absorbed. And what good crude set of instrumental tunes these guys are using. All the eleven songs are very good samples of an honest musical work. But the Poppy Punk scent of “Fight Song” (very good vocals and backing vocals, especially during the chorus), the nasty Pop Rock energy heard on “Painted Flowers”, “Pills” and “Lies” and their addictive melodic appeal, the charming harmonies of “Yellow” (these simple guitar riffs are truly good), and the massive Pop impact of “Personal Sun” are their best shots.

They’re a very good band, and “Full Service” is a very good work for those addicted to simple and fun Rock ‘n’ Roll genres.

Originality: 7. •. Songwriting: 9 •. Memorability: 8. •. Production: 8

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Booking: 909-268-8433


"This is what "underrated" sounds like!! Pump5...What a great band!!!! It's going to be a pleasure using your music in my movie!! Thanks Steve!!!! You guys are one of the best bands ive seen in so long!"


- Mikes Garge









"Pump5 is a southern California-based touring band that has been performing for years coast to coast. We're songwriting lifers and live to play live"

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