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Road Stories

Road story This one is proof you can always do better… the fact you can always better yourself, that you can learn no matter of age ,that you always have room for new friends …that YOUR TIME IS NOW! Thank you Alex Kane Andrew Cates Andre Bonter Mike Austin Bowen birthday boy Dan chips Enuff Tory Stoffregen my new English brother Tony fennel Dave Stekart love me some Anthony Tiny Biuso the bullet boys the 20 spot band OMG my new favorite band ENUFF ZNUFF …so I’m living proof that if you open your heart, your soul and let the sunshine in….. things CAN get better that it’s never the end and only the beginning that we just have to believe in each other as good humans so with that I close road story’s ( for now) we leave for home today with heavy hearts and enlightened souls… peace and love

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